QOYPAY – fiat spending app + Mastercard, VISA payment card

The first verified platform for fast payments in common life situations through standard payment Mastercard and VISA cards accepting crypto currencies as the credit on the card (fiat payments)

  • Easy and fast client´s remote onboarding and the approval
  • Simple control of the client´s account at the dashboard in app
  • After client´s verification in a few minutes all functions are easily accessible including the chosen MC or VISA payment card

PASS TO „Q CREDIT“ – CREDITING APP + Mastercard payment credit card

The Credit card accepting crypto currency as the collateral. The credit limit is set based on the value of collateral, supporting securities, properties, digital assets, etc.
The card is further conducted in common currency with the credit up to collateral.

  • First MC World Elite Credit payment card based on the value of collateral accepting crypto currencies
  • Client can more enjoy globally accepted in-store transactions, local and overseas cash withdrawals, making his travel and work more convenient.
  • Client uses all last Mastercard features at this premium metallic credit card – first class travel insurance, airline companies refunds, concierge services etc.