• Safer then cash and easy to use: easy top up by SEPA transfer or debit card.
  • Great foreign exchange (FX) rates: Mastercard foreign Exchange rates offer better value for you then e.g. exchange offices or bank institutions.
  • Better spending control: Our reloadable prepaid cards are not linked to your bank account and are entirely prepaid, which means that they have no credit or loan facility alongside them. This means that you can only spend what you load, and you cannot get into debt.
  • Global acceptance: Our cards can be used wherever the Mastercard scheme logo is accepted (over 30 million shops and e-shops and 2 million of ATMs around the world).
  • Secure online current account: On-line current IBAN account in EUR is accessible 24/7 and helps you enever you need it. It simply and visually shows your spendings.
  • SEPA Payments: a safe and reliable SEPA incoming and outgoing payments in EUR.
  • A range of simple tools to manage your card via smartphone: instant SMS functions enable following actions: send SMS text to block or unblock card, send SMS text for card balance or for card PIN.
  • Cards are accepted across the whole internet
  • Cheaper option of money sharing between family members and friends